Reviewers are expected to critically read and evaluate a manuscript in their specialty field, and then provide a respectful, constructive, and honest feedback to authors about their submission. The common approach is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the article, relevance and originality of the manuscript. If applicable suggest ways to improve manuscript.

When reviewing the manuscript, key areas that needs to be reviewed includes the title whether clearly describe the article, whether the summary reflects the content of the article and provides a summarized context of the whole article. The introduction should be evaluated whether it summarize relevant research to provide context, and explain what others findings reported in the literature, if any, are being challenged or extended. It should describe the experiment, the hypothesis (es) and the general experimental design or method.

The reviewer should evaluate whether the results are clearly described, and the description are precise but understood and presented in a logical sequence. Consider if the appropriate analysis has been conducted and that the interpretation of results is not be part of the results. Finally, the reviewer should evaluate whether all the claims in this section are supported by the results. Authors should explain how their results agree or differ with previously published results and the conclusion and recommendations are all supported by the data presented or based on speculations

Feedback from reviewers

Please note that all submissions are confidential and please do not discuss any aspect of the article or your review with a third party. All comments should be addressed to the Editor.  When writing comments, reviewers are requested to indicate (where applicable) the section of comments intended for only the editors and the section of comments that can be returned to author(s). 

Reviewers can suggest to the Editor whether to accept the manuscript as it is, accept after minor/major revision, or reject the manuscript

Conflict of interest

Any existing conflict of interest will not disqualify the reviewer from reviewing the manuscript provided that the reviewer discloses all conflicts of interest to the editor before reviewing the respective article.